Friday, November 4, 2011

Anchored up Cold Front Fishing @ The Lighthouse, Reds and Trout

Wake up call was at 7am, and awoke to a cold and damp morning at a low temp of around 45 degrees and a stiff 15mph breeze it was definitively not a prime fishing day. We decided to go anyway, and just try to hide from the wind and find some fish. Launched after a coffee and idled out of the canal. The northwest wind was hard to hide from by the light house so we anchored up next to a sandbar, and tossed some gulps around a mullet school. Ended up with a Red and a Large Trout. I also caught a stingray that thankfully came unbuttoned right at the boat. Also lost something large that was ripping drag that came off right as I tightened the drag. Cold but a decent day for staying in the same spot and tossing artificial, off the water by 11am.

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