Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gheenoe Refurbish Pt. 2 Floor & Topside paint.

Finally I have completed the Gheenoe Highsider. Since the last post I've sanded the whole boat, then painted the interior with Rustoleum Marine Topside paint. I primed the interior with rustolum primer before I added two coats of Rustoleum topside paint in semi gloss white. I then added a non skid addative in the final coat which is made out of a pumice type material. It came out surprisingly good, and is very scratch resistant.

 After painting the inside of the boat, it was just a waiting game untill i could flip the boat over and paint the hull. I put the 'noe on horses and sanded the whole hull. After sanding I applied a interlux primer.
 After sanding and appling more primer I final had enough base coat to apply the Interlux Brightside one part polyurethane in light blue color.

Waiting a full 24 hrs for the paint to dry, I completed the boat with two even coats of interlux brightside. After the paint was fully hardened I re assembled the boat, riveting the nose cap, rub rails, and trolling motor bracket back on. I had purchased a new trailer that fit the boat better as well as traded up from the 4hp Suzuki to a 9.8hp Tohatsu. With the new engine the boat will cruise at a brisk 20 mph, and top out at around 30mph. The gheenoe is finally complete and ready to get some fish slime on her maiden voyage.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gheenoe Refurbish Pt. 1 Transom and Bench Repair

A common problem with older gheenoes and boats in general is the transom wood tends to rot. My Transom wood had rotten and needed to be repaired and strengthened. I first Stripped the boat of the rub rails, nose cap and trolling motor mount. I then removed the transom fiberglass and wood with a saw and hammer and chisel. Then I sanded down the reaming wood, glass, and gelcoat so that the new fiberglass  will be able to stick properly. I made a template with cardboard and cut wood out of high grade plywood. I then epoxyed the wood to the transom. Then filled the holes where the through bolts used to be were filled using a mixture of sawdust, fiberglass shards, and resin. After the holes were filled and hardened I Fiber-glassed the transom using cloth and resin.

I then decided to paint the nose cap and trolling motor bracket while the glass was curing.

After Painting I moved to filling the seats with expanding home sealant foam to add rigidity and flotation to the seats. I then sanded and glassed the seats to cover the large holes and some surface cracks.

Next I will put some more glass over the areas I have glassed already, then I will Paint the boat interior, and exterior. After Painting I will reassemble and she will be ready to go. Part 2 coming soon...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome to my Blog, New Gheenoe 15'4" Highsider

This is my first post, I was an avid kayak angler and recently picked up a 1995 15'4" Gheenoe Highsider with a 4hp Suzuki DT4 2 stroke with internal tank and 44lb Minn Kota trolling motor.  I have fished out of it once and it is defiantly a perfect flats fishing craft. I have quite of bit of work I want to do on this boat to get it in top running condition. The first project I started was I scrapped the old glue off the floor from when the previous owner put marine carpet on the floor. I removed most of it but there is still quite a bit of residue I am going to have to sand off.

The next thing I'm going to do is redo the transom and reglass the two benches. Then I will paint the boat a Seafoam Green or a Sky Blue, and the decks will be painted a white or light gray. I also would like to upgrade the motor to a 9.9hp engine. 

Well here are the pictures of the boat the day I purchased it as well as a video of the boat running in a No Wake Zone. More to come!