Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dolphins Feeding on Mullet in Big Cove (St. Marks Florida)

A few trips ago I posted pictures of dolphins hunting mullet around the Gheenoe, Here is the raw footage from a cell phone of the encounter. At the end of the video you can see the dolphin come directly at us with in a few inches of the boat in mere inches of water. Enjoy...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Stoney Bayou Redfish and Trout

Ventured out after class, my usual fishing partners all had other engagements so this was a solo trip. Took the run to Stoney Bayou on a low incoming tide. Once I dodged all the rocks in the bayou and arrived at my spot I immediately hooked up throwing a D.O.A Cal Paddle Tail on a 1/4oz Jig head. Ended up boating a 32" Red after a drag screaming battle. During my fight the Gheenoe was dragged over the hole the Red was sitting in and about ten similarly sized reds took off. I later caught more reds from 23" to an average of 18". I managed to catch one 21" Trout out of a hole by an oyster bar formed on a limestone rock. Headed in when the wind picked up and had a wet ride in.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Springtime Stoney Bayou Dolphins (St. Marks, FL)

Arrived at St. Marks at sun-up to a incoming tide. Ran immediately to the creeks south of the light house. Threw top water lures and had a lot of blow ups and eventually landed some trout. Moved on and Alain caught a large needle fish and snagged a mullet, which both put on a good fight. Moved into Stoney Bayou and dolphins came in attacking and surrounding mullet just inches from the boat. After the dolphins stopped spooking all the fish we ended up catching some more trout. I gut hooked one 18" and decided to take her home. The start of spring brought a great day on the water! 

Spring at Lake Talquin Florida

Took a quick trip to Lake Talquin last week. We got to a late start at around 10am. Spring has sprung and it was about 85 degrees and no wind was to be found. We tried to stay in the shade. Not much luck but was confronted by a large 10 foot gator as we go a little to close to its nest in the lilly pads. No pictures as I was too worried about starting the engine and getting out of the area. Did manage to snap some shots of some other gators. Caught a few bass, was off the water by 1pm due to the heat. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break '12 Fishing

Well it was that time of year again, when college coeds flock to the beaches to drink more liquor than there livers can filter and getting a tan while there at it.  Being a college student I decided to join in on the festivities, but not with out a little fishing. I started off my break in Tampa to fish, of course there were 25-30mph winds with gusts double that so taking the gheenoe out was a no go. So I went fishing with my good friend Richard in his larger 17 ft Whaler. We had  very little luck in the adverse condition and managed only a trout and a lady fish. After my trip to Tampa I traveled down to Miami to fish with my friend Alain. The wind was also affecting Miami yet we managed to catch quite a few nice fish on his large bass lake. I ended my trip in a few days in Key west. Here are some pictures from my fishing adventures.