Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gheenoe Refurbish Pt. 1 Transom and Bench Repair

A common problem with older gheenoes and boats in general is the transom wood tends to rot. My Transom wood had rotten and needed to be repaired and strengthened. I first Stripped the boat of the rub rails, nose cap and trolling motor mount. I then removed the transom fiberglass and wood with a saw and hammer and chisel. Then I sanded down the reaming wood, glass, and gelcoat so that the new fiberglass  will be able to stick properly. I made a template with cardboard and cut wood out of high grade plywood. I then epoxyed the wood to the transom. Then filled the holes where the through bolts used to be were filled using a mixture of sawdust, fiberglass shards, and resin. After the holes were filled and hardened I Fiber-glassed the transom using cloth and resin.

I then decided to paint the nose cap and trolling motor bracket while the glass was curing.

After Painting I moved to filling the seats with expanding home sealant foam to add rigidity and flotation to the seats. I then sanded and glassed the seats to cover the large holes and some surface cracks.

Next I will put some more glass over the areas I have glassed already, then I will Paint the boat interior, and exterior. After Painting I will reassemble and she will be ready to go. Part 2 coming soon...

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