Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gheenoe Refurbish Pt. 2 Floor & Topside paint.

Finally I have completed the Gheenoe Highsider. Since the last post I've sanded the whole boat, then painted the interior with Rustoleum Marine Topside paint. I primed the interior with rustolum primer before I added two coats of Rustoleum topside paint in semi gloss white. I then added a non skid addative in the final coat which is made out of a pumice type material. It came out surprisingly good, and is very scratch resistant.

 After painting the inside of the boat, it was just a waiting game untill i could flip the boat over and paint the hull. I put the 'noe on horses and sanded the whole hull. After sanding I applied a interlux primer.
 After sanding and appling more primer I final had enough base coat to apply the Interlux Brightside one part polyurethane in light blue color.

Waiting a full 24 hrs for the paint to dry, I completed the boat with two even coats of interlux brightside. After the paint was fully hardened I re assembled the boat, riveting the nose cap, rub rails, and trolling motor bracket back on. I had purchased a new trailer that fit the boat better as well as traded up from the 4hp Suzuki to a 9.8hp Tohatsu. With the new engine the boat will cruise at a brisk 20 mph, and top out at around 30mph. The gheenoe is finally complete and ready to get some fish slime on her maiden voyage.

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