Thursday, September 29, 2011

First St. Marks Trip With the Gheenoe

Started off the trip at 5am, launched at around 6am after gassing up and waiting for the sun to rise.

Took a short trip down the access canal at the light house launch and entered the bay. We immediately started to  run to a shoreline covered with mullet. We started using topwaters and had a few blow ups. Finally a red hits the lure and pops off as we were boating it. Better luck next time.  

After repositioning and poling to a school of mullet nick worked the school. A 30+ inch red followed the zara spook all the way to the boat. After waking behind the lure in 5" of water the red finally hit right at the boat, splashing nick. He immediately set the hook, the red took off, and after a short run came unbuttoned. We worked the area some more and managed to only catch a needle fish.

 There was plenty of wild life such as alligators and birds and even a few nesting bald eagles in view. Overall it was a great first trip.

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