Monday, March 26, 2012

Stoney Bayou Redfish and Trout

Ventured out after class, my usual fishing partners all had other engagements so this was a solo trip. Took the run to Stoney Bayou on a low incoming tide. Once I dodged all the rocks in the bayou and arrived at my spot I immediately hooked up throwing a D.O.A Cal Paddle Tail on a 1/4oz Jig head. Ended up boating a 32" Red after a drag screaming battle. During my fight the Gheenoe was dragged over the hole the Red was sitting in and about ten similarly sized reds took off. I later caught more reds from 23" to an average of 18". I managed to catch one 21" Trout out of a hole by an oyster bar formed on a limestone rock. Headed in when the wind picked up and had a wet ride in.

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