Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break '12 Fishing

Well it was that time of year again, when college coeds flock to the beaches to drink more liquor than there livers can filter and getting a tan while there at it.  Being a college student I decided to join in on the festivities, but not with out a little fishing. I started off my break in Tampa to fish, of course there were 25-30mph winds with gusts double that so taking the gheenoe out was a no go. So I went fishing with my good friend Richard in his larger 17 ft Whaler. We had  very little luck in the adverse condition and managed only a trout and a lady fish. After my trip to Tampa I traveled down to Miami to fish with my friend Alain. The wind was also affecting Miami yet we managed to catch quite a few nice fish on his large bass lake. I ended my trip in a few days in Key west. Here are some pictures from my fishing adventures.

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